Tamil Ven Pongal Recipe

Pongal is a delectable South Indian porridge made with rice and yellow moong lentils. It very well may be made sweet or flavorful. Here I share the appetizing variant of pongal recipe known as Ven Pongal or Khara Pongal bound with the brilliant kinds of cumin, asafetida, curry leaves, ginger and dark pepper. Not to fail to remember the wonderful fragrance of ghee, in it.

About Pongal Recipe

Pongal is a well known recipe having both flavorful and sweet renditions. It is made during the well known Pongal Festival or other Hindu celebrations in South India and is proposed to the gods as naivedyam (contributions of food).

Pongal has forever been our number one dish. In the wake of having one of the most amazing Ven Pongal at the Tirupati Balaji sanctuary, I have been watching on a mission to make it the very same way it was made there.

As of late we had the opportunity to appreciate ven pongal in JW Mariott inn on their morning meal menu. It was a decent. However not precisely like the ven pongal we had in Tirupati sanctuary, yet at the same most certainly a more delectable one.

The additional measure of ghee they added in their khara pongal had a ton of effect on the taste. They would likewise add ground new coconut to their pongal.

So when I have been paying special attention to a plain at this point a great ven pongal recipe, I requested one from my exceptionally dear peruser and companion, Durga aunt about her strategy.

Durga aunt was adequately fast to give me her mom’s recipe to make ven pongal. She gave every one of the better subtleties to cook the best pongal.

Durga aunt is in her 70’s and this recipe is from her mom. Hence making this recipe very nearly a 100 year old family recipe.

At the point when I made this recipe it was so great and helped me to remember the ven pongal recipe we had at the Tirupati Balaji sanctuary – yes it came very near that pongal recipe.

Much obliged to you Durga ji. This post is committed to you.

What You Need

Rice: Here as proposed by Durga ji, I have involved seeraga samba rice as it gives a decent flavor. However, in the event that you don’t get seeraga samba rice, you can utilize any standard medium to short grained white rice. I make khara pongal with any short grained Indian assortment of rice accessible in the storage room – surti kolam, sona masuri or indrayani. You can undoubtedly purchase these Indian assortments of rice on amazon or on the web.
Moong lentils: Ven pongal is made with husked, split and yellow moong lentils. Attempt to involve new lentils and not matured ones as they will get some margin to cook.
Flavors and spices: The flavors, spices that bring such a lot of taste and flavor in ven pongal are cumin, dark peppercorns, curry leaves, ginger and asafetida. Attempt to incorporate every one of them and skirt on no one.
Ghee: Also known as explained spread, ghee is one more significant fixing which bestows such a lot of fragrance to this dish. You can constantly add all the more yet don’t add less of it.
Cashews: Nutty cashews add a marvelous crunch, however you can skirt these nuts on the off chance that you are susceptible to them.
On Black Pepper
Dark pepper is one of the key fixing added in ven pongal. The dark peppercorns are added entire and when you eat khara pongal, you additionally chomp into the dark pepper.

In the event that you don’t lean toward or like gnawing into an entire dark pepper, then, at that point, pulverize the dark pepper coarsely and add.

Normally I add squashed dark pepper, however since I needed to share a legitimate technique, I didn’t pound dark peppers for this recipe post.

Two sweet and flavorful varieties of pongal recipes

Sweet Pongal – A rich, improved rendition made with nuts, ghee and jaggery.
Rava Pongal – A delish flavorful variant made with semolina, ghee and nuts.

The most effective method to make Ven Pongal

Before you start there is some speedy prep work like simmering moong lentils and flushing rice, lentils. Further on making khara pongal is a breeze. At every possible opportunity, I have referenced tips and ideas with the goal that you make an ideal ven pongal.

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