Tamil Brahmin Cuisine Recipes

Tamil Speaking Brahmins got comfortable southern piece of India for the most part in Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andra and Karnataka. Expansive arrangement of Brahmins includes Iyer and Iyengars and, surprisingly, their way of cooking changes marginally. Indeed, even inside Iyers, contingent on their origin, their cooking style shifts. For instance,

Tirunelveli Brahmin cooking is somewhat not quite the same as North Arcot Brahmins and even Palagat Brahmins. However there are slight contrasts, the fundamental idea stays same inside all Brahmins.

Cooking for God

Brahmin’s are for the most part more universal and they give more significance to neatness prior to beginning with cooking. The greater part of the Brahmin’s do heaps of Pooja/vrat and subsequently they adhere to additional severe guidelines in cooking.

Brahmins generally accept that the God is the primary tester of the dinner; consequently they cook the food with extraordinary thoughtfulness regarding tidiness and offset the food with right blend of flavor, nourishment, surface and assortment.

Selection of Vegetables

Brahmin’s give more significance in the vegetables they pick and furthermore the flavors they remember for their cooking. They use flavors that are truly restorative. In the last age they became the vegetable and greens in their back yard and involved something similar for the everyday cooking. Pepper, cumin,

fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, asafetida are the flavors they utilize frequently in their cooking. By and large, they utilize green vegetables like beans, wide beans, carrots which are plentiful in proteins and nutrients. Atleast once per week they incorporate Spinach as well. Onion and Garlic are less liked in the Brahmin’s kitchen, fundamentally because of the solid smell. Between these, the Garlic is least liked and utilized exclusively for explicit events because of its restorative properties. However, the ongoing age is a lot of utilizing these!

Channel Espresso !

Brahmin’s are huge devotee of newly prepared Channel Espresso! Last age Brahmin’s don’t prepare breakfast and they straightforwardly cook luxurious dinner and have it around 10am. Indeed, even the youngsters and office going older folks eat rice toward the beginning of the day. Channel espressos being served at customary stretches till around 3pm when the light tiffin will be served. For supper, again they have rice or light tiffin. Older ladies who do vrat/fasting by and large have just foods grown from the ground for supper.

Presently days the practice has changed somewhat. A large portion of the Brahmins have begun setting up their morning meal in morning as opposed to having a first-class dinner.
Presently I will take you all to Brahmin’s kitchen and see the dishes they cook on everyday premise.


Inactively and Dosa are most famous breakfast dish in any Brahmin kitchen like any Tamil’s kitchen. Normally Inactively/Dosa are being presented with coconut chutney and the black powder (milagai podi). Inactively’s typically cooked in the Steaming Pot which would give inactively exceptionally delicate, rather than the tension cooker.

My mother serve the hot inactively with a ½ tea spoon of gingelly oil on top of the inactively, which taste paradise and requires no side dish! The current generationprefer to have Sambar as an extra side dish to Inactively/Dosa. Typically the sambar that was made for breakfast is made utilizing moong dhal rather than Thoor dhal. Notwithstanding Inactively/Dosa, the Rawa Upma and VenPongal are additionally similarly well known in the Brahmin’s kitchen. They favor the much plain form of Upma contrasted with the intensely modified rendition which incorporates onion and vegetables .


The customary Brahmin lunch incorporates Payasam, Kichidi, Pachadi, Stew (koottu), Curry, Pickle, Pappad and being served in the Banana Leaf with Rice, Kuzhambu, Rasam and Curd !


Sambar, Vatha Kuzhambu and Field Kuzhambu tops the rundown of most well known kuzhambu’s in the Brahmin’s kitchen. The masala for the Sambar will be crushed newly every time as a component of Sambar planning, which is called ‘Araithu Vitta Sambar’ and rather not utilize the readymade Sambar Powder.

Thoor Dhal is the principal element for the Sambar. Vatha Kuzhambu is the spicier adaptation of the Kuzhambu made utilizing Peppar. Moor Kuzhambu is one more famous kuzhambu made utilizing spread milk and coconut. Hunderds of other kuzhambu’s which are being utilized, however these are the most famous one.


Brahmin’s kitchen generally offers least full feasts and the Rasam dinner is unquestionably a piece of it. It’s a tart soup with the extravagance of pepper, cumin seeds, turmeric and asafoetida. Paruppu (Tomato) Rasam is a most well known Rasam followed by Milagu Jee-raga Rasam and Lemon Rasam. Milagu Jeeraga Rasam has a decent restorative properties and thus this will be proposed to anybody who fall in wiped out in the family.

Thayir Sadham

The Brahmin feast is unfinished without Thayir Sadham (Curd Rice). Curd rice is frequently being presented with pickles. Mavadu, Mango Pickle and Lemon Pickle are most famous pickles. These pickles will be ready in home and protected for longer timeframe!

Kootu (Stews)

Kootu is normally a thick vegetable sauce frequently made utilizing coconut, cumin seeds and once in a while with lentils. Aviyal is the most well known Stew in the Brahmin kitchen which his made utilizing numerous vegetables with the coconut.

Aviyal is practically required for the majority of the celebrations and fantastic capabilities in a Brahmin family. Poricha Kootu is another famous kootu made utilizing vegetables and the moong dhal.


It’s a dry curry produced using assortments of vegetables. Brahmin’s generally don’t like to broil the vegetables in the Oil, rather they steam cook the vegetables independently and add the flavor and season something very similar.

This would be a lot better eating regimen contrasted with dry fry in the oil. There are no favored vegetable for the cooking, yet any vegetable accessible in that very season.


The majority of the Brahmin’s are knowledgeable in making Vadam. Tamil Month ‘Masi’ is viewed as the greatest month for making vadam as the mid year is recently begun and there is sufficient Sun for drying the vadams.

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