Tamil Black Pepper Chicken Curry Recipe

Bridging the locale of Tamil Nadu early last year has been perhaps of the best insight. Furthermore, in spite of having visited urban communities in this express a couple of times throughout the course of recent years it gives and knowledge into the variety inside the district (and yes there is something else to the food here separated from Chettinad flavors!) yet in addition the range of flavors, methods of cooking, hand crafted breads and curries to test has been a shocker. From Mudliars, Chettiars, Tamil Muslims and Naidus the food impacts are tremendous.

With large numbers of the fixings utilized broadly significantly nearer to home in the west of India; this feeling of commonality made cooking, investigating and eating curries from this area a flat out bliss.

Pepper is a particularly equivalent zest in Tamil style cooking and gives dishes heat as well as profundity and colossal flavor. This recipe for a pepper chicken kozhumbu is an outright champ and ideal for anybody searching for a hot chicken curry with warmth and intensity from entire flavors including dark pepper, cloves, fennel and dried chillies.

The key here is utilizing the ground mix of flavors that is an exemplary in many recipes with families utilizing stone processors (yendra kal) to pound them understanding the smells and medicinal oils.

Presently obviously zest processors have cleared a path and toil them in minutes! There isn’t any stew powder in this kozhumbu/curry and the green chillies add the episode of intensity required in spite of the fact that vibe allowed to lessen how much chillies in light of inclination.

I’ve involved chicken drumsticks for this recipe albeit any cut of chicken would do the trick. In the event that you would be able, make this recipe in a couple of hours ahead of time as the curry gets a great taste, it likewise allow the chicken an opportunity to absorb all the decency of flavors.

I know it’s the center of summer in spite of the fact that I can’t avoid a plateful of pepper chicken curry with flaky paratha to clean up the heavenly sauce and some yogurt or salad close behind.


  1. Grind the garlic and ginger with a sprinkle of water in a wet processor to a thick glue. In a huge bowl add the garlic and ginger glue alongside the turmeric powder and blend well. Add the chicken parts of this glue and put away to marinate for a couple of hours or short-term.
  2. Grind every one of the elements for the pepper masala in a zest processor and put away.
  3. Heat oil over a medium fire in a weighty base enormous sauce dish. Add the curry leaves and as they splutter add the onions. Sear the onions for 12 to 15 minutes mixing frequently.
  4. Presently add the green chillies and sear briefly. Add the tomatoes and sear for 8-10 minutes as they mellow mix well and squash softly with the rear of the spoon.
  5. Add the marinated chicken and sear on a medium intensity for 5 minutes. Mix well and add the pepper masala powder proceeding to sear for 2-3 minutes as the chicken pieces seal.
  6. Add water and scratch the lower part of the container ensuring it’s a thick glue covering the chicken. Season to taste and stew over a low intensity with the cover on for 25-30 minutes blending part of the way through (add an additional 100 mls water in the event that you would like somewhat more sauce). Take the cover off and mixing great, decorate with new coriander and present with parathas or rice.

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